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The Buzz Points® platform was built exclusively for financial institutions to leverage the power of rewards to engage customers, increase loyalty, support communities and promote growth.

The Buzz Points platform gives every financial institution the ability to build a reward program that is unique to their community and competitive in their market.



Go beyond increasing card swipes. Drive profitable behavior across the entire institution.



Configurable local redemption options deliver the most value to your cardholders.



Change the way you engage your cardholders, real-time communication is now a reality.



With a platform as flexible as it is configurable, we're providing more value than ever.

Innovations in Incentives

If your institution is considering a reward program for your cardholders, you won’t want to miss this valuable white paper as it explores the differences between a standard points program and a next-generation reward platform.

Catch our latest webinar!

This informative webinar explores the impact of COVID-19 on community financial institution cardholders, their subsequent attitude and behavioral shifts, and the strategies and tools to mitigate, navigate, and ultimately thrive throughout and beyond.

Get the book on incentives.

After years of working with community financial institutions to better engage cardholders and drive revenue, we've compiled our best marketing and engagement ideas and made them available here. Get your free copy today!

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