• The Buzz Points Team

20 Ways to Engage Cardholders in 2021

Marketing at a financial institution is about so much more than just the “4Ps”. It’s about building relationships and being a trusted partner in people’s financial journey. To compete in today’s market and become your customer’s Preferred Financial Institution, Community Financial Institutions must build a strategy capitalizing on relationships.

Rewards have been traditionally used as a “points program” for driving card use and have developed a reputation as a cost center, sometimes justified as a cost of doing business. Meanwhile, simple cash back is transactional and rewards an action, but builds no long-term loyalty. At Buzz Points, we understand that when done right, rewards can be a way to drive profitable behaviors far beyond swipes. Rewards can, and should, unite previously siloed teams with one tool to help the entire financial institution achieve its goals.

We created this Idea Book as a leaping-off point. Each section presents innovative ways to partner incentives with business goals to excite consumers, drive adoption and utilization, and earn the status of Preferred Financial Institution for all of your consumers’ needs.

Keep it in a desk drawer. Read a page when you’re looking for a creative spark. Show it off to your team, or take credit for the ideas within (seriously, we don’t mind!). Bring it to your next whiteboard section or slip some proposals into a presentation. We want to inspire your own creative process!

And remember – Buzz Points can implement everything in this book!

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